Small Business Tax Breaks Image

Small Business Tax Breaks for your Company

If you own a business, you may qualify for a variety of small business tax breaks that can slash your tax bill and reduce your administrative costs.

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Self Employment Tax Image

Cut your Self-Employment Tax by Operating as an S-Corp

If your business is organized as a sole proprietorship or as a wholly-owned limited liability company (LLC), you’re subject to

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Tax Changes for Nonprofits Image

What You Need to Know About the Latest Tax Changes for Nonprofits

The past 18 months have been full of challenges for nonprofits. Adding on to the scope are several significant tax

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Workers as Independent Contractors Image

When Does the IRS Classify Workers as Independent Contractors?

Many businesses use independent contractors to help keep their costs down. If you’re among them, make sure that you properly

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Educational Assistance Image

Follow these Rules for your Employee Educational Assistance Program

Many businesses provide educational assistance programs so their employees can improve their skills and gain additional knowledge.

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