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Be Sure to Include Tax Planning on your Wedding To-Do List

Couples getting married know there are a lot of details in planning a wedding. Along with the cake and gift registry, the first tax return as a married couple should be on your checklist. The IRS has tips and tools to help newlyweds consider how marriage may affect your taxes.

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How to Maximize your Business Property Deductions in 2019

There’s good news about the Section 179 depreciation deduction for business property. The election has long provided a tax windfall to businesses, enabling them to claim immediate deductions for qualified assets, instead of taking depreciation deductions over time....

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Bartering: Beneficial Transactions but Taxable Income

Small businesses may find it beneficial to barter for goods and services instead of paying cash for them. If your business engages in bartering, be aware that the fair market value of goods that you receive in bartering is taxable income.

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Which Entity Type is Best for Me?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has changed the landscape for business taxpayers. That’s because the law introduced a flat 21% federal income tax rate for C corporations. Under prior law, profitable C corporations paid up to 35%.

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Top Five Accounting Tips: Don’t Forget To Register Your Business

If you are concerned that you are missing an important step in starting a business, don’t fret; we can help you get started. One of the most commonly overlooked steps in starting a small business—and something you should do before you do almost anything else—is to register your business with your state.

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IRS Offers Nonprofits New Transportation Benefits Guidance

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) dealt several blows to the nonprofit sector. One of them is that, effective January 1, 2018, nonprofit employers are subject to tax on transportation fringe benefits provided to employees. The IRS recently released Notices 2018-99 and 2018- 100 to provide guidance on this issue.

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