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Nonprofit Trend 2021 Image

Top 5 Nonprofit Trends for 2021

It’s important to keep up with the nonprofit trends if you are looking to build or enforce a strong foundation for your nonprofit.

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Set up a SEP Image

2 Retirement Plan Options for Your Small Business: Set up a SEP or go SIMPLE

Two retirement plan options to consider are to set up a SEP, a “simplified employee pension,” or a SIMPLE, “savings incentive match plan for employees.”

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Audit Triggers Image

Top IRS Audit Triggers

The IRS has said it will increase audits of small businesses by 50%. So, what audit triggers can your business look at to help avoid being targeted?

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Hiring Your Child Image

Hiring your Child? Here are some Tax Advantages

As a business owner, you should be aware that you can save family income and payroll taxes by hiring your child.

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buy sell agreement image

Is Your Buy-Sell Agreement Up To Date?

For a buy-sell agreement to be effective, you need to review it periodically and, if necessary, modify its language to reflect changing circumstances.

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100% first-year bonus depreciation image

Need a New Business Vehicle? Heavy SUVs Have Tax Benefits

Are you considering buying or replacing a vehicle that you’ll use in your business? You may be able to benefit from lucrative tax rules for heavy SUVs.

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Remote Work Image

Remote Work can be Taxing

One potential consequence of remote work may surprise you: an increase in your state tax bill.

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S Corporation Shareholders Image

Is an S Corporation the Best Choice for Your Business?

If you’re launching a business with some partners, an S corporation may be the most suitable form of business for your new venture. Here’s why.

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Internal Controls for Remote Work

Don’t Neglect Internal Controls for Remote Work

It’s critical that organizations implement internal controls to protect their finances and accounting-related data. Here are some areas to survey.

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American Recovery Plan Act Image

American Rescue Plan Act Highlights for Businesses

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, signed on March 11, includes several tax breaks and financial benefits for businesses.

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