Itemized Deductions for 2021 Image

What are the Itemized Deductions for 2021?

Depending on their filing status, taxpayers can choose itemized deductions for 2021 or take the standard deduction. Here are some tips.

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Social Security Wage Base 2022 Image

Social Security Wage Base Will Increase in 2022

If your small business is planning for payroll next year, be aware that the Social Security wage base is increasing.

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Cost Segregation Image

How a Cost Segregation Study can Help Your Business

Because of changes to some depreciation-related tax deductions, the benefits of a cost segregation study are now larger than they were.

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2022 Per Diem Rates Image

New 2022 Per Diem Rates Became Effective on October 1

A new 2022 per diem rate became effective October 1. Taxpayers can use these rates to substantiate expenses when traveling away from home.

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2021 Q4 Tax Deadlines: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Tax Breaks for Small Businesses: 5 Ways to Maximize Tax Savings

Whatever your business’s situation, taking full advantage of available tax breaks for small businesses — including temporary relief in response to the crisis — is critical.

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Selling a Business? Be Careful When Reporting to the IRS

If you’re considering buying or selling a business — or you’re in the process of an M&A transaction — it’s important that both parties report it to the IRS and state …

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Small Business Valuation Image

The Value of a Small Business Valuation for your Business

If you own a business, it’s likely your most valuable asset. So it’s important to know its value. Find out with a small business valuation.

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Tax Depreciation Rule Image

Tax Depreciation Rules for Business Vehicles

If you use a vehicle in your business, you may wonder about the tax depreciation rules. The rules are complicated, and special limitations apply.

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Nonprofit Finance Committee Image

5 Critical Issues for Your Nonprofit’s Finance Committee

The role of a nonprofit’s finance committee is probably more important now than ever Here are some of the areas your finance committee should focus on.

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