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National Small Business Week: 3 Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

This week is National Small Business Week! To commemorate the week, here are three tax breaks for small businesses to consider.

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Claiming a Theft Loss Deduction for Embezzlement

A business may be able to claim a federal income tax deduction for a theft loss. But does embezzlement count as theft? Find out in this post.

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Am I Eligible for the ERC Image

Am I Eligible for the ERC?

The ERC has been expanded and increased, but it’s also not too late for employers who are eligible for the ERC to amend their 2020 employment tax returns.

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Why an Outsourced CFO may be What Your Business Needs to Grow

Working with an outsourced CFO has many benefits like lower operating costs, increased efficiency and reduced risk. Learn more in this article.

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Compliance with tax laws

Make sure your Business is in Compliance with Tax Laws by Using ATGs

The IRS uses ATGs to help IRS examiners get ready for audits. Your business can use the same guides to gain insight into compliance with tax laws.

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Tips to Prevent Fraud in the Workplace

To effectively combat fraud, you must understand what factors are conducive to fraud in the workplace. Here are some tips.

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Biden’s Tax Proposals may Cause Increase in Audits

Biden’s tax proposals include an additional $80 billion in funding for the IRS. Some experts believe that audits of some small businesses will also increase.

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The Basics of Bad Debt Deduction

Before agreeing to act as a guarantor of a debt obligation of your closely held corporation, be aware of the tax consequences of bad debt deduction.

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What you Need to Know About Virtual Currency Tax Reporting

It’s essential to understand the tax implications of virtual currency because the IRS is starting to crack down on virtual currency tax reporting.

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Operating as an LLC

The Basics of Operating as an LLC

Perhaps you operate your small business as a sole proprietorship and want to form an LLC to protect your assets. Here are the basics of operating as an LLC.

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