Mission, Vision, & Values

At Landmark, our mission, vision and values are an important part of our firm’s story. To our clients we are not just a CPA or Financial Advisor, but instead a trusted partner they can count on for advice. With roots in our local communities for over 60 years, Landmark has a strong background of excellence and client service. We still live by the same values that were established when the firm was founded and will continue to maintain the same level of integrity for years to come.


Landmark’s mission is to be a valuable partner to our clients, our people and our communities. We partner with our clients to reach their financial goals. We partner with our people to invest in their personal and professional development. We partner with our communities to make a positive impact.


“To be the dominant provider of financially related professional services in our target markets.”


  • We aim to attract and retain quality people.
  • We foster an environment that recognizes the need for balanced lives.
  • We offer appropriate training and technology to assist all team members in developing their talent to effectively serve clients.
  • We attract clients by establishing relationships through involvement in the life of the community.
  • We “WOW” our clients.
  • We provide appropriate compensation and recognition.