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CARES Act Provisions May Boost Cash Flow for Construction Companies

The CARES Act includes several provisions that can help boost cash flow for construction companies (and other businesses) as well as reduce their tax bills.

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Cash Flow Series: 8 Tips to Improve Cash Flow

Below are eight tips that business owners can use to improve cash flow, even when there is a cash crunch.

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Cash Flow Series: Three Common Cash Flow Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Managing cash flow requires business owners to observe not just cash balances on hand, but the flow of cash. Here are some common missteps.

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Cash Flow Series: Cash Flow Best Practices

Business disruptions and market downturns are likely to influence your short-term cash strategies, but they should not change cash flow best practices.

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Forecast Cash Flow

Cash Flow Series: How Cash Flow Forecasts can Help Your Business

Cash flow reveals a lot about the health of a company, and cash flow forecasts can help ensure future needs are met.

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Cash Flow Series: Why Business Owners Need to Care About Cash Flow

Though the definition of cash flow is straightforward, it is a powerful metric that assesses the health of a business and enhance future successes.

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Cash Flow Series: Sailing the Seas of Business on a Healthy Cash Flow

Having a healthy cash flow is critical to keeping your company in prime shape to seize profitable opportunities and overcome financial challenges.

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customer credit

Run the Numbers Before you Extend Customer Credit

To guard against cash flow issues, diligently assess every customer’s creditworthiness before getting too deeply involved. And this includes running the numbers on entities you …

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